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Mokio Blog

  • Hyper Japan 2013

    What is Hyper Japan?

    Hyper Japan is the best of Japanese culture in one exhibition hall, for one weekend only. Also, known as ‘J-Culture’, HyperJapan is a big mash up of Japanese food, drink, fashion, technology, tradition and more. Brightly coloured and surreal, it certainly is a hyper event that will make you wonder if you’ve consumed too many e numbers. Continue reading

  • Studio Ghibli Sundays at The Prince Charles Cinema

    Studio Ghibli, the renowned Japanese anime feature film studio was founded in 1985 and has produced 17 animated films. Continue reading

  • Lychee & Lemongrass Ice Lollies

    Keep cool with an Asian twist with these easy-to-make lychee and lemongrass ice lollies. Sweet, cold and refreshing, they’re a brilliantly unusual summer day’s treat for adults and children alike and contain real fruit. Continue reading

  • We Heart... Lychees

    Lychees are slightly smaller than a golf ball, pink and roughly textured, with white, translucent flesh and a long dark stone inside. When peeled, they’re slightly reminiscent of an eyeball. But we can assure you, they taste a lot better. Continue reading

  • East Street Restaurant: A right Asian Feast

    East Street restaurant inside and out

    It’s hard to re-create the hustle bustle, sounds, sights and smells of a hawker market (if you’re ever in Singapore and love food, it should be your first port of call), but East Street does a good job. As Asian food in London goes, it's now on our top ten list. From the outside, it has a half gawdy, half stylish look, complete with rather upmarket plastic stools outside (in Singapore, they’re all a rather battered, once-white colour).

    Indeed, once inside, just close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a balmy land like Singapore. The noise of the street outside (especially if there are arguments going on) and saliva-inducing smells of fragrant cooking will help.

    The sign outside East Street touts itself as offering ‘Fresh Pan Asian Cooking’. And it most certainly delivers on this promise, offering a handy map of the world placemat with a guide to the style of cooking from pan-Asian regions. The décor is simple and rather East London industrial - there are lit up ‘street signs’ hanging from the ceiling, brightly coloured metal ‘patio style’ tables, various ticket stubs, maps, leaflets and other papery paraphernalia stuck to the wall and wait, what’s that? Pokemon playing on a projector… Continue reading

  • WIN! A meal for two at East Street Restaurant, London.

    UPDATE: The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Herbert Appleby! Please email hello@mokio.co.uk so you can claim your prize.

    East Street Restaurant Logo

    WIN Mokio CompetitionGreat news! We’ve teamed up with Tampopo, the clever people behind East Street, the pan-Asian culinary experience on Rathbone Place, by Tottenham Court Road, to give you the chance to WIN a gastronomical taste-bud frenzied meal for two*.

    This is a tasting travel experience for you to try dishes from all over Asia, from Thai food, to Japanese, to Singaporean to more.

    For an insider's scoop of East Street, read our review here > Continue reading

  • Screen Printing Mokio T-shirts

    Screen printing Mokio t-shirts: our first own-brand product on the site! We had a lot of fun at Mokio designing our t-shirts and to get our project to go from thought to fashion, our next step was to get these screen printed. We found a place in London and these are screen-printed by hand (so there's a lot of blood, sweat and happy tears involved).
    Continue reading

  • Must Watch: The Seven Samurai

    The Seven Samurai - film still

    The Seven Samurai, in our minds, is pretty much the Japanese equivalent to Gone with the Wind. Admittedly, there’s a little more head-chopping and a lot less romance but it is an absolute classic that should be on everyone’s ‘must-watch’ list. Continue reading

  • Essential Summer Refreshments

    Calamansi Snog Frozen YoghurtIt gets boring when everyone tells you to “STAY HYDRATED” particularly when “YOU’RE ALL SWEATY” and being vocal about keeping cool is thirsty work. But here at Mokio we need to stay refreshed in order to keep our adventuring levels up and here are our Essential Summer Refreshments: Continue reading

  • Welcome to the Mokio Blog

    Thank you for visiting our the Mokio blog page. It’s looking a little bare at the moment, but I promise this will change.

    We will be filling the Mokio blog with competitions, restaurant reviews (Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, Balinese, Philippino and more), Asian film reviews, interesting events in and around London, recipes, important things you need to know about some of our products, haikus, creative goings-on, pop-up stalls that we’ll be exhibiting at and also competitions and special offers.

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