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Coffee Art: Your coffee, personalized with your ‘selfie’

It seems as though the weird and wonderful world of coffee art knows no bounds. We had beautiful 2D images, we had creative 3D works of art, and now a a coffee chain in Taiwan, Let’s Café, is capitalizing on our unending desire for unusually presented coffee with coffee machines that can print your face on your coffee.

Customised latte printing on coffee art

Yes, you heard us, if you go out to Taiwan, you too can buy a latte that prints your face in the foam. Known as “Latte Art Customisation”, it allows users to upload an image of themselves from their phone, to the coffee machine and within minutes, your personalized coffee is ready. Ok, so it does cheat a little. Instead of the traditional way of swirling and pull the foam, the coffee printer dusts powder onto the top of the coffee, probably with chocolate powder or ground coffee.

It is unlikely to be the place to go for hardcore coffee fans, but for those who love gimmicks, this is right up your street.