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Essential Summer Refreshments

Calamansi Snog Frozen YoghurtIt gets boring when everyone tells you to “STAY HYDRATED” particularly when “YOU’RE ALL SWEATY” and being vocal about keeping cool is thirsty work. But here at Mokio we need to stay refreshed in order to keep our adventuring levels up and here are our Essential Summer Refreshments:

Have a Calamansi flavoured SNOG.
SNOG are responsible for doing delicious frozen yoghurts. For the Summer Season they have the new thirst quenching Calamansi flavour. The Calamansi is a tasty citrus fruit tree native to the Philippine Islands region. They look like orange-coloured limes and have a sweet and sour flavour. All SNOG Frogurts are fat-free and low calorie. And very refreshing.

How much: They start from £2.85
Where to buy: Snogs are available in various regions round London.

Ice Kachang (or Ais Kachang)
Ice KachangThis delightful Malaysian dessert is traditionally made from shaved ice and red beans and now commonly is made with palm seeds, sweet corn, grass jelly and topped with coconut milk and red rose syrup. The slimy and smooth texture is fun to drink and makes for a great dessert. We particularly enjoy the ones from the C&R Café Restaurant in China town, Leicester Square – where you can indulge in some other wonderful Malaysian dishes.

How much: £3.50
Where to go: C&R Café Restaurant, China Town, Leicester Square.

Green tea in a bottle
Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Full of antioxidants it’s great for skin, digestion, weight management and vitality. When the sun is shining and you don’t feel like boiling the kettle you can drink Green tea infusions from a bottle and still reap its benefits. Mokio loves the ARIZONA range, which includes flavours such as Pomegranate Green Tea and Ginseng and Honey Green tea as well as other fruity mixtures.

How much: £.2.89
Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk.

Stock up on Lychees
LycheeIf you’ve never tried a Lychee you’ve never experienced a real thirst quencher. The white flesh of these eyeball-esque fruit is so moreish that it’s not uncommon for one person to go through several kilos of Lychee per sitting. You can buy these exotic, Southeast Asian fruit encased in its dark pink, nobble-y coat or in tins from Chinese supermarkets, bathing in their own syrup. Here at the Mokio HQ we love to freeze them as they come, then peel them when we need a light and refreshing snack.

How much: £1.50 for 200g
Where to buy: Sainsburys

Stainless Steel Water Bottles – the decorative kind!
stainless steel water bottle Carrying the same used water bottle around is great for recycling purposes but if you want something cute and convenient, lightweight and portable to take around with you then a Stainless Steel Water Bottle is more than ideal. Mokio loves the range from CaféPress that come in an assortment of Asian-influenced designs.

How much: Starting price £12.50
Where to buy: CafePress