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Your Guide To Mooncakes

Mooncakes are an extremely popular Chinese pastry and are traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival. The annual production of these delicious cakes is 0.28 million tonnes –  that’s about 40000 male adult African Elephants! Read on for your guide to mooncakes >

Popular fillings of Mooncakes are lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, jujube paste and five kernels of corn. The crusts can be chewy, flaky or tender. Styles vary quite vastly, depending on the location of production.

Beijing-Style Mooncakes

Beijing Style Mooncake - guide to mooncakes
A typical northern mooncake style. Beijing-style Mooncakes are often meticulously decorated with a flaky crust.  They use a lot of wheat power and sesame oil as an ingredient.

This photo shows two Beijing-style Mooncakes with green bean fillings.

Cantonese-style Mooncakes

Cantonese Style Mooncake - guide to mooncakes
The Cantonese-style is characterised by a very thin chewy crust, heavy in oil, and rich in its fillings.

This photo shows Cantonese-style Mooncakes with egg yolk fillings (our favourite!)

Ice Skin Mooncakes

Ice Skin Mooncakes - Guide to mooncakes
One of the modern style Mooncakes, first produced in Hong Kong. It uses glutinous rise as ingredient. Its crusts can be in yellow, pink and green and served from the freezer.

How beautifully detailed is the crust?!

How to make your own mooncakes?

Warning: it’s a complicated process but the result is well worth the work!

Or you can just shop at your local Chinese supermarket :)

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