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How to make AriZona jelly: an unusual recipe

We love AriZona and summer so much, that we decided to experiment with other refreshing ways to enjoy these Asian-inspired drinks. So what did we do? Make jelly! Here's how to make it for yourself...

Unusual recipe for AriZona jelly


- One pack of gelatin (easily bought from supermarkets)
- One AriZona drink of your choice
- For added goodness, add a handful of fresh fruit such as berries, mango, grapes or lychees.


1. Follow the instructions on your pack of gelatin (each one differs slightly) to make up the gelatin base.
2. Add the contents of your chosen AriZona drink.
3. Stir like crazy.
4. Distribute equally into your choice of jelly container - these can be plastic cups, glasses, jelly moulds etc. Make sure you leave an inch of space at the top - you still have to add the fruit!
5. Add a spoonful of fruit to each pot.
6. Refrigerate your jelly overnight.
7. Eat your AriZona jelly the sun, with a colourful spoon.

AriZona jelly is so easy to make and perfect for parties. You can change the flavours by adding in different fruit and experimenting using your favourite fruit. What ideas did you try? Post your AriZona creations on the Mokio Facebook page.