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Keeping cool with AriZona drinks

AriZona, hailing from the US, have taken us by surprise with their refreshing and tasty range of ice teas. Not only do they bring a touch of the exotic to the UK with their fruity range of flavours such as Blueberry White Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea and Iced Tea with Peach, but the illustrated bottles are absolutely beautiful.

AriZona Range Of Drinks UK

It’s fair to say that Mokio have (of course), fallen in love with the Green Tea & Honey as well as the Green Tea Zero for their delightful Asian-inspired design, as well as their taste.

Like Laurel & Hardy or Ren & Stimpy, these two flavours act as a team. The Green Tea & Honey (the honey used is Sue Bee Premium Orange Honey and it also contains Panax ginseng) also has a Green Tea zero sidekick for those that want to reduce their sugar intake. Neither contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are low in sodium. Did we also mention that green tea is an antioxidant, ensuring you’re kept healthy inside and out?

AriZona Tea drinks idea

How to drink AriZona Mokio Style

There’s nothing worse than a warm drink. Perhaps maybe, a warm, watered down drink. So away with your ice cubes, we have a better way to ensure your Arizona drink keeps chilled and tasty.

• An AriZona drink of your choice (we prefer the Green Tea & Honey or Green Tea zero flavour)
• 1 unwaxed lemon

1. Cut your lemon widthways through the fruit, down to the pith so that the sections are almost coming away.
2. Place your lemon in the fridge and allow to freeze overnight.
3. Once frozen, taken the lemon out and using a sharp knife, cut down the existing cuts through to the bottom, making round slices.
4. Pour your AriZona drink into a suitable glass, add your lemon and enjoy!

Send us your AriZona drinks ideas and recipes – we’ll feature the best on our Facebook page and you may even win a prize!

AriZona Drinks Details

Why buy? A refreshing taste of Asia wherever you are.
How much? From £2.80 for a 500m bottle
Where to buy: Independent stockists – see the full list here >

WIN Mokio Competition

WIN! A Case of AriZona Drinks

We are giving away one case (12 bottles) a week for four weeks.
This is a whole month of refreshment – so take advantage of it whilst summer lasts and enter here >

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