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KFC launches fried soup in Japan

As if the food in Japan wasn't unusual enough, KFC has decided to up the stakes. Joining the likes of the Mars Bar, Ice Cream, beer and even an Eccles cake, KFC is doing the impossible by deep-frying... soup.

Yes, you heard us. Soup. KFC, for a limited time only, starting on Thursday 5th September, will be selling the popular corn potage, not in pots with spoons, but as little battered balls.

KFC Japan launches deep fried soup - corn potage

How do you even make fried soup?

Fairly easily, apparently. All you need is a round mould, pre-breaded, that you pour corn potage in to. When dropped into a deep fryer, this will ensure the outside transforms into crispy goodness, leaving it soft and squishy inside.

Corn Potage is originally French, hence the name. It has a creamy corn taste and you can find this everywhere in Japan - from vending machines, instant soup packets or as a side to your burger, or fried chicken. It is loved so much that it even comes in an ice cream bar. What next? A Corn Potage edible spray?!