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Model motorcycles: made from lobsters!

Take a look! Absolutely beautifully crafted glorious orange-coloured motorcycle models.

But hang on a sec, does something smell a little fishy here?

A Lobster Motorcycle?

Peer a little closer and you'll soon see that there aren't normal motorcycle bikes. These are in fact, made from lobster shells. Taiwanese chef and food-carving expert, Huang Mingbo, combined his culinary skills with his artistic talents to put together these unusual crustacean creations.

Sad to see the colourful shells wasted, Huang developed these miniature motorcycles using nothing but the lobster casings. These unusual lobster motorcycles made their debut at a food art seminar in Fuzhou, China.

Of course, lobster motorcycles aren't complete without their own licence plate and wing mirrors...

What do you think? Are you amazed? Or do you think people shouldn't play with their food?

Lobster Motorcycle art by Huang Mingbo
Huang Mingbo shows off his art carving skills.

Lobster Motorcycle art by Huang Mingbo
Carefully crafted crustaceans

Lobster Motorcycle art by Huang Mingbo
Eat the lobster, create some art!