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Lychee & Lemongrass Ice Lollies

Keep cool with an Asian twist with these easy-to-make lychee and lemongrass ice lollies. Sweet, cold and refreshing, they’re a brilliantly unusual summer day’s treat for adults and children alike and contain real fruit.

Making Lychee Ice Lollies

How to make lychee and lemongrass ice lollies

Makes 4-6 ice lollies
1 can of lychees*
1 stick of lemongrass
1 cup of apple juice

1. Empty the can of lychees, with juice into a large bowl.
2. Add the stick of lemongrass and crush as much as possible using a fork.
3. Remove the lemongrass.
4. Add the cup of apple juice.
5. Blend roughly. This gives you chunky little pieces of fruit that taste delicious.
6. Equally distribute into ice lolly holders. Alternatively, you can put these into small glasses, using a spoon or fork as the ‘stick’.

*If you can, get fresh lychees as they lose their sweet floral fragrance when canned. Peel, remove the stones and add an extra cup of liquid.

You can also experiment with other fruit, such as rambutan, star fruit, mango and more. Take a trip to Chinatown to find everything you need. Swap the juice with tropical, pineapple, coconut or whatever else takes your fancy.

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