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Nagashi-somen: Catch your own noodles

As if chasing your sushi around a conveyor belt wasn't creative enough for you, the Japanese have also invented 'nagashi-somen', translated as 'flowing noodles'.

Nagashi-somen is a summer trend, with some restaurants even offering it to their customers.

Take a look at how it works:

Nagashi-somen - catching noodles in Japan

How does nagashi-somen work?

Boy catching noodles - Nagashi Somen JapanIt involves boiling the somen (thin noodles made of wheat flour and salt) first, and racing them through a long flume of bamboo using ice cold water to create a ‘noodle-fall’. Diners then use chopsticks to pluck as much somen as they can to dip into men-tsuyu (sauce for noodles). They can also add toppings such as eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Nagashi-somen originally started in Kagoshima-ken, a prefecture of Japan located on on the southwest tip of the island, Kyushu. Noodle catching was invented as people wanted cold meals during hot weather. Now it is a popular event for family and company parties. If you are touring around Japan in summer, you can try this especially in the Yoshihara region of Kochi City – make sure you practice your chopsticks skills before you go, otherwise you'll go hungry...

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Bixi Wang : collaborator | mathematician | Cambridge University student