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Nezo – The Napping Baby Art that’s taking over Japan

For those that don’t know, Nezo (which means 'sleeping posture') is an art form that’s been becoming more and more popular with mothers in Japanese. Nezo is pictures of babies artfully placed as they nap, amongst cleverly arranged objects to produce interesting and amusing scenes.

It all started, believe it or not, in Finland, by Adele Enerson by a mother who created a photo blog called Mila’s Daydreams. It is filled with pictures of her daughter, Mila, as she naps peacefully on canvasses made of duvets, clothes and other accessories.

It didn’t take long for Japan to pick up on the craze and so ‘Nezo Art no Hon’ was published by Japanese mother and Twitter user @wondernuothc featuring 90 images of the author’s images as well as advice for mothers looking to make Nezo art of their own.

Here are some of our favourite:

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Mermaid

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Swimmer

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Rainbow

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Fishbowl

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Washing Line

Nezo Japanese Baby Art - Washing Line

Instructions for making your own Nezo art

1 Sleeping baby - the ideal age is under 1 year
Accessories - these can be clothes, bits of material, household objects such as magazine, light shades, telephones, toys
1 Canvas - a large piece of floor covered with material works well, as does a bed

1. Decide on your scene - this is most likely to be determined from your accessories. If you have blue and green items, perhaps it's best to go for an underwater scene. What do you want your baby to be? Does she like blowing bubbles? She would make the perfect fish. Do you have visions for her to be a dancer or an astronaut when she's older? This is your chance for your hopes and dreams to be visualised early on!
2. Once your scene is set, wait until your baby is sleeping. It is often easier to place your baby in the ready-made scene, rather than build the scene around your baby.
3. Adjust the scenery until you're happy with it. Stand above your artwork and make sure you document your work. After all, you will need this for their wedding day...

TIP: Timing is key. It's hard to get a good Nezo image when your baby is crawling around. Have your canvas ready-prepared so you can quickly place your sleeping baby in position when ready.

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