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  • Nagashi-somen: Catch your own noodles

    As if chasing your sushi around a conveyor belt wasn't creative enough for you, the Japanese have also invented 'nagashi-somen', translated as 'flowing noodles'. Continue reading

  • Mid-Autumn Festival - What Is It All About?

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming!

    What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?
    Even though it’s that time of year when things get wetter, colder, darker and frowny-er, at least we have something to look forward to, (other than abandoned umbrellas and the smell of damp.)
    The Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on the 15th of the 8th month in the Chinese Luna Calendar, which is September 19th this year. It takes its name from the fact that it is always celebrated in the middle of autumn in the Far East. Continue reading

  • Your Guide To Mooncakes

    Mooncakes are an extremely popular Chinese pastry and are traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival. The annual production of these delicious cakes is 0.28 million tonnes –  that’s about 40000 male adult African Elephants! Read on for your guide to mooncakes > Continue reading

  • Model motorcycles: made from lobsters!

    Take a look! Absolutely beautifully crafted glorious orange-coloured motorcycle models.

    But hang on a sec, does something smell a little fishy here? Continue reading

  • KFC launches fried soup in Japan

    As if the food in Japan wasn't unusual enough, KFC has decided to up the stakes. Joining the likes of the Mars Bar, Ice Cream, beer and even an Eccles cake, KFC is doing the impossible by deep-frying... soup.

    Yes, you heard us. Soup. KFC, for a limited time only, starting on Thursday 5th September, will be selling the popular corn potage, not in pots with spoons, but as little battered balls.

    Continue reading

  • Strawberry Daifuku: Recipe

    Japanese Ice Cream MochiThe Japanese are not known for their desserts. Not many people outside the country have ever enjoyed a fresh yatsuhashi* – and even the Japanese people seem to prefer elaborately layered French cakes and Kit Kat bars over traditional sweets. However, there's a tasty Japanese sweet that's easy to make and tastes delicious. Read on for our strawberry daifuku mochi recipe... Continue reading

  • Yoi Sho - Not Your Average London Restaurant

    Yoi Sho isn’t your average London Japanese restaurant. In fact, it looks like something plucked out of downtown Tokyo and planted squarely in uptown Fitzrovia. It doesn’t have website. Heck - it doesn’t even have an email address. Proudly stating my intention to post a review of their restaurant on an online blog site (in the hope of getting a second meal with discounts for myself and the Mokio crew…) was greeted with a blank stare and uncomprehending silence. Continue reading

  • Keeping cool with AriZona drinks

    AriZona, hailing from the US, have taken us by surprise with their refreshing and tasty range of ice teas. Not only do they bring a touch of the exotic to the UK with their fruity range of flavours such as Blueberry White Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea and Iced Tea with Peach, but the illustrated bottles are absolutely beautiful. Continue reading

  • We Heart... Lychees

    Lychees are slightly smaller than a golf ball, pink and roughly textured, with white, translucent flesh and a long dark stone inside. When peeled, they’re slightly reminiscent of an eyeball. But we can assure you, they taste a lot better. Continue reading

  • East Street Restaurant: A right Asian Feast

    East Street restaurant inside and out

    It’s hard to re-create the hustle bustle, sounds, sights and smells of a hawker market (if you’re ever in Singapore and love food, it should be your first port of call), but East Street does a good job. As Asian food in London goes, it's now on our top ten list. From the outside, it has a half gawdy, half stylish look, complete with rather upmarket plastic stools outside (in Singapore, they’re all a rather battered, once-white colour).

    Indeed, once inside, just close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a balmy land like Singapore. The noise of the street outside (especially if there are arguments going on) and saliva-inducing smells of fragrant cooking will help.

    The sign outside East Street touts itself as offering ‘Fresh Pan Asian Cooking’. And it most certainly delivers on this promise, offering a handy map of the world placemat with a guide to the style of cooking from pan-Asian regions. The décor is simple and rather East London industrial - there are lit up ‘street signs’ hanging from the ceiling, brightly coloured metal ‘patio style’ tables, various ticket stubs, maps, leaflets and other papery paraphernalia stuck to the wall and wait, what’s that? Pokemon playing on a projector… Continue reading

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