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  • Petal Lips - The Hottest Beauty Trend from Korea

    Remember how Korea’s BB cream fashion evolved as the current hot new product in the West? Well it seems as though another Korean beauty trend is about to take the Western world by storm.

    'Petal lips' is the luscious lips trend originating from the popular Korean drama series Missing You which was broadcasted in winter 2012 and was worn by the heroine (played by the stunning Yoon Eun-hye) who also happens to be a fashion designer. Continue reading

  • Essential Summer Refreshments

    Calamansi Snog Frozen YoghurtIt gets boring when everyone tells you to “STAY HYDRATED” particularly when “YOU’RE ALL SWEATY” and being vocal about keeping cool is thirsty work. But here at Mokio we need to stay refreshed in order to keep our adventuring levels up and here are our Essential Summer Refreshments: Continue reading

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