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  • How to turn your cat into Totoro

    Does your cat refuse to play? Is he just sleeping all day, getting up only to tuck into his dinner and essentially ignoring you? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to make your feline furball more fun as Twitter member @Bump_take discovered, whilst allowing him to enjoy his full-time napping.

    Give your cat a make-over and turn him into Totoro from Studio Ghibli's 'My Neighbour Totoro'! Continue reading

  • KFC launches fried soup in Japan

    As if the food in Japan wasn't unusual enough, KFC has decided to up the stakes. Joining the likes of the Mars Bar, Ice Cream, beer and even an Eccles cake, KFC is doing the impossible by deep-frying... soup.

    Yes, you heard us. Soup. KFC, for a limited time only, starting on Thursday 5th September, will be selling the popular corn potage, not in pots with spoons, but as little battered balls.

    Continue reading

  • Hyper Japan 2013

    Walking from Earl’s Court tube station and spotting several Gogo Yubari’s, Princess Kitana’s and a Princess Serenity, we were reassured that we were headed in the right direction Continue reading

  • Hyper Japan 2013

    What is Hyper Japan?

    Hyper Japan is the best of Japanese culture in one exhibition hall, for one weekend only. Also, known as ‘J-Culture’, HyperJapan is a big mash up of Japanese food, drink, fashion, technology, tradition and more. Brightly coloured and surreal, it certainly is a hyper event that will make you wonder if you’ve consumed too many e numbers. Continue reading

  • East Street Restaurant: A right Asian Feast

    East Street restaurant inside and out

    It’s hard to re-create the hustle bustle, sounds, sights and smells of a hawker market (if you’re ever in Singapore and love food, it should be your first port of call), but East Street does a good job. As Asian food in London goes, it's now on our top ten list. From the outside, it has a half gawdy, half stylish look, complete with rather upmarket plastic stools outside (in Singapore, they’re all a rather battered, once-white colour).

    Indeed, once inside, just close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a balmy land like Singapore. The noise of the street outside (especially if there are arguments going on) and saliva-inducing smells of fragrant cooking will help.

    The sign outside East Street touts itself as offering ‘Fresh Pan Asian Cooking’. And it most certainly delivers on this promise, offering a handy map of the world placemat with a guide to the style of cooking from pan-Asian regions. The décor is simple and rather East London industrial - there are lit up ‘street signs’ hanging from the ceiling, brightly coloured metal ‘patio style’ tables, various ticket stubs, maps, leaflets and other papery paraphernalia stuck to the wall and wait, what’s that? Pokemon playing on a projector… Continue reading

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