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  • Nagashi-somen: Catch your own noodles

    As if chasing your sushi around a conveyor belt wasn't creative enough for you, the Japanese have also invented 'nagashi-somen', translated as 'flowing noodles'. Continue reading

  • Welcome to Keisuke Yamada’s world of banana sculpture!

    Ever thought about turning your banana into a vivid sculpture? That’s what Japan’s Keisuke Yamada had been enjoying for three years now.

    Most people think of a bananas as a great on-the-go snack, high in potassium, and great with porridge. Not no Keisuke Yamada. For he has seen potential in this bent yellow food and instead turned it in humorous banana sculpture. Until he gets hungry, that is... Continue reading

  • KFC launches fried soup in Japan

    As if the food in Japan wasn't unusual enough, KFC has decided to up the stakes. Joining the likes of the Mars Bar, Ice Cream, beer and even an Eccles cake, KFC is doing the impossible by deep-frying... soup.

    Yes, you heard us. Soup. KFC, for a limited time only, starting on Thursday 5th September, will be selling the popular corn potage, not in pots with spoons, but as little battered balls.

    Continue reading

  • Strawberry Daifuku: Recipe

    Japanese Ice Cream MochiThe Japanese are not known for their desserts. Not many people outside the country have ever enjoyed a fresh yatsuhashi* – and even the Japanese people seem to prefer elaborately layered French cakes and Kit Kat bars over traditional sweets. However, there's a tasty Japanese sweet that's easy to make and tastes delicious. Read on for our strawberry daifuku mochi recipe... Continue reading

  • Yoi Sho - Not Your Average London Restaurant

    Yoi Sho isn’t your average London Japanese restaurant. In fact, it looks like something plucked out of downtown Tokyo and planted squarely in uptown Fitzrovia. It doesn’t have website. Heck - it doesn’t even have an email address. Proudly stating my intention to post a review of their restaurant on an online blog site (in the hope of getting a second meal with discounts for myself and the Mokio crew…) was greeted with a blank stare and uncomprehending silence. Continue reading

  • Hyper Japan 2013

    What is Hyper Japan?

    Hyper Japan is the best of Japanese culture in one exhibition hall, for one weekend only. Also, known as ‘J-Culture’, HyperJapan is a big mash up of Japanese food, drink, fashion, technology, tradition and more. Brightly coloured and surreal, it certainly is a hyper event that will make you wonder if you’ve consumed too many e numbers. Continue reading

  • Must Watch: The Seven Samurai

    The Seven Samurai - film still

    The Seven Samurai, in our minds, is pretty much the Japanese equivalent to Gone with the Wind. Admittedly, there’s a little more head-chopping and a lot less romance but it is an absolute classic that should be on everyone’s ‘must-watch’ list. Continue reading

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