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Welcome to Keisuke Yamada’s world of banana sculpture!

Ever thought about turning your banana into a vivid sculpture? That’s what Japan’s Keisuke Yamada had been enjoying for three years now.

Most people think of a bananas as a great on-the-go snack, high in potassium, and great with porridge. Not no Keisuke Yamada. For he has seen potential in this bent yellow food and instead turned it in humorous banana sculpture. Until he gets hungry, that is...

Keisuke Yamada’s Banana Sculpture

Why bananas?

With the question ‘how wonderful would it be, if peeling off banana skin can reveal a vibrant scene?’, Mr Yamada started his journey with banana men. Now it takes him about 30 minutes to complete a sculpture using spoons and toothpick. Mr Yamada has created different facial emotions, the Simpsons, mermaids as well as all different animals. However, the fact that bananas turn black due to oxidation means these master pieces can only exist in photos forever.

Banana Simpson art by Keisuke Yamada’s
Banana Simpson!

Snake made from Banana - Keisuke Yamada
Warning: Bananas can bite.

Angry Banana
This banana looks a little too scary to eat.

You can find out more about Keisuke Yamada and his banana mans here.

Make your own banana sculture

Perhaps you can make your own banana sculpture! Bananas, spoons, toothpicks and a creative mind are all you need.

Email us your creations at hello@mokio.co.uk - we'll feature the best on our Facebook page

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