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Become a Mokio Contributor and Write for Us! 


Mokio is on the hunt for a selection of contributors who can join the team and write for us on a number of subjects such as:

 - Restaurant reviews
 - Recipes for Asian dishes
 - Event reviews
 - Film reviews
 - ‘How To’ guides
 - ‘Top 10’ guides
 - Latest news pieces from the Far East
 - Latest trends across the Far East

And of course, if there’s something you really want to write about, then just tell us.

How to apply to be a Mokio contributor:

Fill in the online form and email us at hello@mokio.co.uk when done.

We will respond within 2 working days.

Why become a Mokio Contributor?

 - We will reference each blog post you write to you, including your name, twitter handle and website link.
 - It’s fun and where possible, we will send you on our behalf to cover events, watch films and eat.
 - Training on how to write search engine optimized content
 - Exclusive discounts for our top contributors
 - Additional perks such as free access to events
 - Make new friends and join us for Mokio Contributor events 

Got more questions?

Please check to see if they’re answered here. If not, drop us an email or contact us here >

Do I get paid for contributing? No, it is unpaid. We hope that you’re the kind of person who loves writing for the joy of seeing your work online.

What kind of person is Mokio looking for? We’re looking for people who are passionate about noodles, films, going to events and seizing opportunities as they arise.

How many times a week do I have to write? As many times as you can or want to. There’s no minimum requirement, but we do require you to stick to deadlines as we have a schedule in place a couple of weeks in advance.

How are my articles promoted? Mokio will promote them on its social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Also, if suitable, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Do I get credited for my article? Absolutely. At the bottom of the blog, we’ll include your name, Twitter handle and website URL if you have one.

Will all my articles will posted? Hopefully. We will check each article that is submitted – for spelling, grammar and content. Once this has passed the test, then up it will go! If there are tweaks to be made, we will send these back to you for re-delivery.


We look forward to working with you!

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