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Mokio is the showcase for all the latest and greatest pan-Asian brands. We're constantly adding new ranges, so if there's anything you want us to retail, email us at hello@mokio.co.uk hello@mokio.co.uk  

Mokio Own Brands

Mokio own brands are developed exclusively by and for Mokio. These include bespoke T-shirt designs, oyster card holders, and much much more. The best thing is that the range of own-brand products is always expanding. Take a look at the range here > 

Lewis Campbell

Lewis Campbell is an East London artist, who dabbles with wall paintings, animals, comic book design and illustration. In an exclusive partnership with Mokio, we are proud to be featuring signed copies of Lewis' "King of the Cats" print. See it here > 

Lewis Campbell is a London based artist who’s renowned for his quirky and somewhat abstract digital prints. As an artist who grew up in the digital age he was able to transfer his creations from canvas to computer screen, developing edgy layers with ink-drawn sketches and juxtaposing crazy characters with an urban-felt context. He studied animation at The Royal College of Art but has since resorted back into the land of illustration and digital editing.

Lewis’s artistic influences come from Japanese anime films such as the brain-frying Akira and comic book illustrator Dave Mckean – an artist who Lewis feels was the first to use computer layering and likes to use a similar technique in his work.

A big fan of Seven Samurai director Akira Kurosawa, the aesthetics of ancient Japan are a big inspiration to his works and his appreciation of Japanese samurai films is apparent in his prints. It was a past trip to Monkey island in Japan that helped to spawn his "Lost Monkey" tag.

Walk down to the Pride of Spitalfields on Heneage Street and you can see Lewis’s street art – 3 Wise Monkeys and if you’d like to buy more of his peculiar prints, take a trip down to his stall at Backyard Market in Bricklane where he also sells t-shirts.

On the first weekend of October 2013 (5th-6th) you can visit Lewis at the London Film and Comic Convention at Earl’s Court where he’ll be showcasing his new potential comic book that he’s been working on.

Currently, Lewis is working alongside artist Tass Darlington on another awesomely, intricately designed comic book project, which voices the struggle the Bushmen of Botswana are facing as they’re losing the right to live on their ancestral land to the government.

Mokio and Lewis have partnered to bring you an exclusive, signed print - Samurai Cat Lover (translation: Samurai neko no koibito). Shop here for it > 

King of the Cats Art Print by Lewis Campbell

Website: lostmonkey.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostmonkeyart